The ultimate game of Truth or Dare!
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Adult content...not suitable for people under 18


1. Everytime someone says the word "the" you must take an article of clothing off. Do this until they realize what's going on.

2. Play the next two rounds naked below the waist

3. Take your shirt (and bra) off

4. Play a game of cards, arm wrestle, or something similar. The winner gets to fondle the loser, the loser has to let them do it.

5. Roll a dice. 1 - 2 NONE, 3 - 4 ONE 5 - 6 TWO Ice Cubes in your ass. And show everyone you doing it.

6. Play the next round in the person to you right's lap

7. Wear your underwear on your head

8. Get someone to tie you down so you can't move. 3 Min while they tickle you or 2 Min in your underwear blindfolded.

9. Get two slices of bread, take them and put them down the back of your underwear with one stuck to each butt cheek. Then pull panties and pants back up leaving it inside. Sit with it in and leave it in for 10 minutes. (Bonus Points - Put peanut butter on the bread first. - Girls also do it in your bra cups.)

10. Go topless for the rest of the game, girls may wear a bra.

11. Grab the player to your right's boobs or genitals.

12. Do heads or tails with a coin two times. Each time the coin comes down heads, the subject looses another item of clothing when blindfolded.

13. Make Tolit paper pants and wear them (nothing underneath or over)

14. Get kicked in the nuts hard, or for girls titty twister.

15. Allow a random group member to pour a small cup of warm water into your pants. They may pour it down the front or back, their choice.

16. Get someone to tie you down so you can't move. Have them melt ice cubes all over your chest while blindfolded. 5 min with pants on, 2 min with just underwear on.

17. Put a blindfold on, let the person to your right put makeup on you.

18. Have someone tie your hands behind your back, now a player from the opposite sex must put your make up on you and fix your hair however he/she wants to.

19. Fix a big bowl of cold water, add lean over and make sure your chest soaks in the water for at least one minute.

20. Go to the bathroom, take off your shirt and hold it under the shower (cold water ONLY) for 2 minutes (or until completly soaked. Now put the shirt back on and continue playing like that.

21. Have a member of the opposite sex give you a world class wedgie (meaning the underwear should be stuck in between your front and your back) Stay like that until they say you can pull it out.

22. Masterbate in front of everyone

23. Choose a random member of the opposite sex and take a shower with them, make sure to get all of their body parts clean.

24. Have someone tie you up so that you can't get away. Let them put whipped cream (or whatever is available) all over your stomach. Then put your shirt down and pat your stomach.

25. Go outside, others must tie you to a tree and spray you with the water hose. If it's to cold outside, then you must get in the shower fully clothed and for ten minutes take a cold shower...a very cold shower.

<More to come>

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